Now available: Pharos XXIV (2018-2020). Current and all previous volumes (as of 2010) freely available through Open-Access!

A couple of weeks ago, the latest issue of our Pharos magazine arrived at the NIA. In Volume XXIV (2018-2020) of our Journal of the Netherlands Institute at Athens, extensive attention is paid to the following topics: Crusaders and Byzantines in Central Greece. The archaeology and topography of a Late Medieval frontier (Dionyisios Kalantzis-Papadopoulos) The Mycenaean […]

Call for NWIB visiting Professors Programme 2022-2023

The NWIB Visiting Professors Programme offers assistant professors, associate professors and full professors at participating universities a unique opportunity to work undisturbed in an inspiring and stimulating environment. This programme enables you to stay at one of the five Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIBs) for a period of three months to conduct research, give lectures […]

Ancient Colonialism in a Comparative Perspective (Online Conference, 16-17 December)

It is our pleasure to announce the conference Ancient Colonialism in a Comparative Perspective (16 and 17 December 2021), organized by dr Jeremia Pelgrom (University of Groningen). This international online workshop analyses the colonial strategies deployed by different imperial powers that dominated the Mediterranean region in the Classical and Hellenistic period. Discussion will focus on […]