Location & How to get there


The institute is located at the foot of the acropolis, near the new Acropolis Museum and a few minutes’ walk from the metro station ‘Akropoli’.



Due to its central location, the NIA is an ideal base for exploring the city on foot. The institute is also easily accessible by public city transport. Not only the metro station ‘Akropoli’, but also numerous bus stops are located in the immediate vicinity of the institute. Traveling in the city and exploring the wider area by bus, metro, tram or trolley is therefore no problem. Taxis also remain a fairly cheap means of transport for short distances for the time being.


From the airport to the NIA
The international airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ is located about 45 km from the city. There are several options to reach the institute from the airport.


The easiest and fastest way is by metro. Between 06:33 and 23:33 there is a connection between the airport and the city center (Syntagma Square) every 30 minutes. The journey takes about 40 minutes.
The metro station is opposite the departures hall, one level above the arrivals hall. Just follow the signs and cross the street.
Attention! Take the metro (blue line) and not the train!
At ‘Syntagma’ station, change to the red line, direction ‘Aghios Dimitrios’. The next stop is ‘Akropoli’, your final destination.
Take the exit ‘Athanasiou Diakou’, then the first street on the left (Makri) where you will find the NIA at no. 11.

A metro ticket costs 10 euros. There are group discounts for two or more people traveling together. Tickets can be bought at the vending machines or at the ticket office in the station. Don’t forget to check in with your ticket at the machine before you leave. The machines are located in front of the access to the platforms, before you descend.


An express bus (X95) connects – day and night, seven days a week – the airport with Syntagma Square (terminus of the line). The stop is located outside the airport building, near the arrivals hall.
From Syntagma Square you can take the metro to the NIA: red line, direction ‘Aghios Dimitrios’. The next stop is ‘Akropoli’, your final destination.
Take the exit ‘Athanasiou Diakou’, then the first street on the left (Makri) where you will find the NIA at no. 11.

You can buy bus tickets at the kiosk, at the bus stop. A bus ticket costs 6 euros. You can buy metro tickets in the metro station in the form of paper, rechargeable chip cards. For example, you can choose to buy a separate chip card for 1.40 Euro with which you can travel within the Athens region for one and a half hours by bus and/or trolley and/or metro. You can also buy a rechargeable paper chip card for 6.50 euros with 5 journeys (max. 90 minutes per journey), or for 13.50 euros a card for 11 journeys (max. 90 minutes per journey). The machines where you can buy cards only accept cash (coins and notes up to 20 euros). All machines come with multiple language options, including English, French and German. Day and week tickets are also available. In the metro you have to check in and out, while with the buses and trolleys you only need to check in (for now).


You will also find yellow taxis outside the arrivals hall. Attention! Don’t take a black limousine! A taxi ride to the NIA costs 38 euros during the day, 54 euros from midnight to 5 am, all surcharges (VAT, base price on departure, luggage, highway toll, airport surcharge) included.


The NIA is fairly easy to reach by car, but finding a parking space nearby is just about… impossible! Parking garages are very expensive. It is wiser to leave the car on the outskirts of the city and switch to public transport.