Scheme for scholarships for study stay at the NIA, starting September 15, 2020

The Netherlands Institute of Athens makes grants available for a study stay at the institute in Athens. Students, graduates, PhD students and PhDs from UvA, VU, Leiden, Utrecht, Groningen and Radboud are eligible for these grants. If you are already being paid for research, or if you have already received the grant you want to apply for less than five years ago, you are in principle not eligible for these grants. Development grants can be applied for at any new stage of study and promotion.

The research for which the grant is applied for must relate to Greece. The stay at the institute must have a clear added value for the research. During the assessment, we check the quality of the research proposal (problem definition and work plan) and, if necessary, your study results.

You can apply for the following four scholarships:

  1. The stipend for PhD students and recent PhDs
    Every year, stipends are available for PhD students and young researchers. The research must result in a scientific publication or in (part of) a dissertation or book. It is also possible to apply for a stipend for completing a dissertation. The stipend offers free accommodation in a guest room of the NIA, a monthly allowance of 700 Euros and a travel allowance of up to 200 Euros. The maximum duration is three months.
  2. Scholarship for master students and recent graduates
    Several scholarships are available each year for master’s students and recent graduates. Long-time graduates who want to give their scientific activity a new impulse can also apply for this grant.
    The scholarship offers free accommodation in a guest room of the NIA, a monthly allowance of 400 Euros and a travel allowance of up to 200 Euros. The maximum duration is three months.
  3. Goekoop Development  for students, graduates, PhD students and PhDs
    The NIA makes five Goekoop development grants available every six months, partly funded by the Association of Friends of the NIA (VVNIA). The Goekoop development grant is intended for a stay in Athens of up to three weeks to develop a research proposal. This grant offers free accommodation in one of the guest rooms of the NIA, a travel allowance of up to 200 Euros and an allowance for accommodation costs of 100 Euros per week.
  4. Subsistence Scholarship for Students, Recent Graduates, PhDs, Recent PhDs
    This grant provides a discount of 4 Euros on the room rate (up to a maximum of 200 Euros).

What is required of the fellow:
If you receive a stipend or a scholarship, you will give a presentation about your project at the end of your stay and make a report of your research for the NIA and the VVNIA. Particularly for the stipend, an active contribution to the academic activities of the NIA is expected. In the Netherlands, you are prepared to present your research at the participating universities, for which the NIA provides a travel allowance, and at VVNIA meetings. You have no objection to mentioning your activities on the various (social or otherwise) media and you also contribute to this. You state the NIA in all presentations, publications and reports arising from the grant you have received. Participation in the activities of the NIA and membership of the VVNIA are expressly appreciated.

To request:
The accommodation grant and Goekoop development grants can be applied for at any time, no later than 1 month before the desired start of the fair. The director of the NIA assesses these applications. Stipend and scholarship can also be applied for continuously, no later than 2 months before the desired starting date, and will be assessed by the Scientific Advisory Board.

For an application, send the fully completed Dutch or English form, if necessary with attachments, to the institute per email. If needed, please add extra pages. The application for the stipend to complete a dissertation must be accompanied by a letter from the supervisor(s) confirming that the scholarship will actually lead to the completion of the dissertation. You will receive a confirmation of receipt as soon as possible. You will be notified whether your application has been granted no later than one week after the assessment by the Scientific Advisory Council.

If you have any questions about our scholarship program, please contact the director of the NIA per email.

University Scholarships

Information about other scholarships that can possibly pay for a stay for study or research in Greece can be found – per university – on the following websites:

Sometimes faculties also have their own scholarship programs. For more information, please contact the foreign coordinator of your faculty.