Director: Dr Winfred van de Put

From June 2014, Dr Winfred van de Put is the director of the Netherlands Institute at Athens. Born in Monnickendam, a small fishing and eel-smoking town just north of Amsterdam, he studied archaeology at the University of Amsterdam, graduatin g in 1988. After this, he was head of the archives of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, member of the district Council of Amsterdam Center, archivist at the Municipal Archives; he taught archaeology in Amsterdam and Nijmegen and Ghent and temporarily was curator for the Allard Pierson Museum at Amsterdam. He wrote two volumes of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, discussing the lekythoi of the Allard Pierson Museum. In 2012, he defended his PhD ‘Shape, Image and Society’ at Ghent University. He participated in fieldwork in Lakonia, Carthage, Malta, Boeotia, Halos, Sosopol and Thorikos He married in 2016 and is the proud father of an active, headstrong and sweet boy, Thomas.


Deputy Director – Advisor on International Mobility and Cooperation: drs. Willem Ledeboer

Willem Ledeboer studied Eastern European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. As a student he went to Greece in 1992 in order to study the position of the Greek minority in the former Soviet-Union, the subject of his graduation in 1994. In 1996 he became General Secretary at what was then called “The Netherlands Archaeological School” and since 2010 he is the Deputy Director of the NIA.
In the Institute, he is also responsible for the subjects of international mobility and cooperation and promotes the academic contacts between the Netherlands and Greece. He advices Dutch students and scholars who want to study or conduct research in Greece, but also Greek students and scholars wishing to study or to conduct research at Dutch Universities. He also actively contributes to the deepening, expansion and implementation of the OIA program in cognitive subjects beyond the traditional ones, such as in Jewish Studies or Modern History.


Scientific coordinator of Social and Political sciences: Dr Trifon Bampilis

Tryfon has received a PhD from the University of Leiden in the field of cultural anthropology, he has conducted post-doc research as a fellow of the European Studies Centre, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, he has received his MSc from the University of London (UCL), department of Social Anthropology, and for his first degree studied social anthropology and social policy at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. His research has focused on the historicized ethnography of Greece with a special emphasis on the Aegean islands and Athens and he has written several books and chapters on the effects of modernization in contemporary societies, material culture, consumption, food and drinking cultures, visual culture, nationalism and far right extremism. His interests include anthropology of neoliberalism, modernity, popular culture, death and religion, Europe and South America. He has taught cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the University of Bayreuth and he is the main organizer and facilitator of the NIA winter school Migration in the Margins of Europe, the NIA summer school Urgent Multimodal Ethnographies of Greece and the autumn school Multimodal Methodology in Archeology. His historized anthropological monograph (Berghahn 2011, Oxford & New York) is a widely reviewed work while more recently is trying to connect his prior research to the heavy drinking Afro-Brazilian entities of Umbanda in Rio de Janeiro.


Scientific coordinator of Cultural Management, Heritage Tourism and Cities: Dr Nicholas Karachalis

Nicholas Karachalis is lecturer and researcher in the field of urban development, heritage and cultural/tourism strategies. He has a strong interest in analysing the trends and dynamics between culture, tourism and spatial development processes, using an interdisciplinary approach and perspective. He is Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly in Volos and at the post-graduate programme in Cultural Management at the Greek Open University. He has also participated in several other university programmes as teaching staff: as Visiting Staff at the International Hellenic University, at the Open University of Cyprus, the Harokopio University, at summer universities, etc. He holds a PhD in Economic and Regional Development (Panteion University of Athens), a Master in European Urban Cultures and a BA in Economic and Regional Development He has collaborated to several research projects and studies related to regional and local development, marketing, cultural economics and tourism planning. He is active as a trainer and seminar facilitator for various organisations (URBACT, National Public Administration School, etc.).


Accountant: Panagiotis Gasparatos

Panagiotis Gasparatos graduated from the TEI in Larissa in 1982 and holds a First Class Tax Accountant license and a member of the Greek Economic Chamber. He is married and is the father of three children.  Since 2001, he has been working at the Institute and has been responsible for financial management, while providing logistical support for staff and building management.
Alongside his work at OIA, he and his daughter Anastasia head his own accounting office in Athens.


Secretary: Emmy Mestropian-Makri

Emmy Mestropian-Makri was born in Athens to a Greek father and a Dutch mother. She is married, a mother of two and studies at the Department of European Studies of the Hellenic Open University. She is working as a secretary at the Institute since 2000. She is responsible for the hostels and the general secretarial organization, while she supports and actively contributes to the organization of the Institute’s activities.


Building Maintenance: Ioannis Makris

Ioannis studied Planning and Analysis of Computer Systems and obtained his MBA from the University of Wales. He attended a significant number of seminars in the areas of Sales, Business Management and Marketing. For 15 years he was a Branch Manager in retail chains of well-known brands.
For over 16 years, he worked as a consultant for Greek companies, and also as a Sales and Network Inspector in companies selling electrical appliances and companies manufacturing and selling furniture, positions in which he received several service and performance distinctions. At the OIA he offers his services in personnel, security and building management.


Cleaning staff:
Galyna Yatsenko is the head of the cleaning staff and responsible for the cleanliness of the NIA premises.
She is being assisted by Stavroula Pastra, who has been cleaning the NIA from top to bottom since 2001. Stavroula grew up in the neighborhood and likes to get in touch with people from other countries.


Guards and Security:
Since 2011, two guards are responsible for the safety of the Institute.
Giannis Dimopoulos worked initially at the Institute through a private security company. He speaks English and a little French.
Giannis Zervoudakis worked since 1996 in various private security companies before joining the NIA in 2009. He speaks English.