COVID19: NIA Guestrooms Policy (Update!)

As in many other places, COVID19 is still very much present in Greece too. Therefore, it also continues to be a more than potential threat to the smooth operation of our Institute. In order to protect our small NIA-community (students, researchers, guests, visitors and staff of the Institute), we drew up a short policy document […]

Hadrianic reliefs from the stage front (scaenae frons) of the Theater of Dionysus on the South Slope of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Photo: Carole Raddato. With kind permission.

Annual Meeting of Young Dutch Romanists at NIA (May 2023)

We are happy to inform you that in May 2023 the annual meeting of the Young Dutch Romanists -an event organised and coordinated by Dr. Daphne Penna, University of Groningen- will be held for the first time at the NIA. The event is organised by the Netherlands Institute in cooperation with the Legal History Department […]

Now Online: 1st TEXNH-lecture “Speaking of techne: craft effects in Athenian society” (Dr Helle Hochscheid, Roosevelt College)

We are glad to share with you the online registration of the first session of our new TEXNH-series. After a short introduction by NIA-director Prof. Ann Brysbaert, Dr Helle Hochscheid (Roosevelt College) delivered the lecture  “Speaking of Techne: craft effects in Athenian”. The registration also includes the Q&A session with the attendants in the lecture […]

“Life, Death and Gender in classical Athens: remarks from the Kerameikos excavation”, a lecture by Dr Jutta Stroszeck

We are happy to announce that on Thursday 19 January Dr Jutta Stroszeck (German Archaeological Institute at Athens) will give the keynote lecture in the frame of the undergraduate research seminar Locating Gender in Ancient Greek Religion  of University College Roosevelt. The lecture “Life, Death and Gender in Classical Athens: remarks from the Kerameikos Excavation” will […]

TEXNH: Making, creating and agency networks in the Ancient Mediterranean world

The Netherlands Institute at Athens, in collaboration with the National Museum of Art and History Brussels, The National Archaeological Museum Athens, The Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus, The École française d’Athènes and The University College Roosevelt (NL) are very pleased to announce the new Lecture series and Discussion Forum TEXNH: Making, creating, and […]