Lectures (Video Archive)

Now Online: 1st TEXNH-lecture “Speaking of techne: craft effects in Athenian society” (Dr Helle Hochscheid, Roosevelt College)

Keynotes van de workshop “Jewish Responses to Persecution and Rescue Efforts during the Holocaust” nu online!

Now available online “The concept and the reality of revolution in the 21st century. Philosophical, political and anthropological challenges”


Aspects of Intellectual and Social History of the Greek Revolution (Sessie 1 Online)

Now available online: The European Capital of Culture as an opportunity to promote cultural sustainability: Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 and Eleusis 2023.

“Crowdsourcing heritage and the interaction between museums and local communities” (available online)

Conference ‘The Greek Case’ online

Colloquium “Approaching Emotions” online