Study & Research in Greece

Study and research in Greece
International mobility plays an increasingly important role in today’s society. One of the main objectives of the Netherlands Institute in Athens is therefore to stimulate mobility and cooperation between Dutch and Greek universities, among other things by exchanging information and establishing contacts. Students, academics and employees of the six Dutch universities participating in the NIA can ask the institute for assistance in finding specific information about Greek academic activities and / or possible cooperation partners.

It is a special experience to study or do research in Greece. This can be in the context of a Dutch education or research program or your own study project. As the range of English-language courses on offer at Greek universities is increasing, there are also more and more opportunities for students to come to Greece as part of an exchange program for a study stay.

The institute is an ideal base for students, PhD students and teachers. As a student or young researcher you are offered a unique opportunity to be in the country for a shorter or longer period of time and to research the foundations of our Western civilization and culture. You learn to combine theory and practice, you have a wealth of source material at your disposal, you learn to see things from a different perspective, you acquire international knowledge and contacts, get to know other students and researchers and exchange stories and ideas.

The NIA is part of a highly qualified international community, with seventeen foreign archaeological institutes and a large network in the field of the archeology, history, language and culture of the country. In addition to antiquity, which traditionally has attracted the interest of Dutch students and researchers, Greece also offers numerous research opportunities in other fields such as social sciences, cultural anthropology, economics, environment and water management, earth sciences, medical sciences.

To stimulate study and / or research stays in Greece, the NIA has guest rooms and a modest scholarship program. Every year, the Greek government also makes a number of scholarships available to Dutch students to follow (language) education or to conduct research in Greece. Finally, there are also various Dutch and European organizations that provide scholarships for study, internship or research in Greece.

The policy officer for international mobility and cooperation will be happy to help you with more information about study options, practical tips, finding possible counterparts, etc. You can contact Drs. Willem Ledeboer, tel. 210-9210778 (Tuesdays 11.00-13.00 & Thursdays 14.00-16.00) or by email.