Lezingen (Video archief )

Nu online: de 1e TEXNH-lezing “Speaking of Techne: craft effects in Athenian Society” (dr Helle Hochscheid, Roosevelt College)

Keynotes van de workshop “Jewish Responses to Persecution and Rescue Efforts during the Holocaust” nu online!

Online: opnames “Testimonies and Research on Hiding during the Holocaust” (20/10/2021)

Nu beschikbaar online “The concept and the reality of revolution in the 21st century. Philosophical, political and anthropological challenges”

Aspects of Intellectual and Social History of the Greek Revolution (Sessie 1 Online)

Nu online: De Culturele Hoofdstad van Europa als kans om culturele duurzaamheid te garanderen: Leeuwarden 2018 en Elefsina 2023.

“Crowdsourcing heritage and the interaction between museums and local communities” (Opname nu online)

Opnames The Greek Case-conferentie online

Colloquium “Approaching Emotions”