“The Cardamici-De Vogel collaboration and a Dutch masterclass of international trade in the 18th century” Lezing door Dr Despina Vlami

On Monday 8 November (19.00) the Netherlands Institute at Athens will host a lecture by Dr. Despina Vlami, Research Director at the Research Center for Medieval and Modern Hellenism of the Academy of Athens. The lecture “The Cardamici – De Vogel collaboration and a Dutch masterclass of international trade in the 18th century” will take place in the library of the NIA, with the presence of a very limited audience (due to Covid-regulations), but will also be streamed via Zoom.

The Dutch merchant Thomas De Vogel, founder of the “Thomas 
De Vogel & Zoon”, represented the Ottoman Greek merchants Bartholo and Raphael Cardamici, in Amsterdam between 1760 and 1771. The letters he addressed to them during this period present their cooperation unfolding between Amsterdam, Smyrna, and Constantinople where the Cardamici had their offices and  extending to Vienna and Livorno. The Cardamici exchanged Levantine products with Western European manufactures and colonial goods and Thomas De Vogel was their commercial  correspondent in Amsterdam’s market offering them valuable services on commission.
The letters 
examined reveal the course of their business transactions and the making of their personal  relationship. They offer an insight on a wealth of information concerning the daily practice of trade and the operation of commercial networks between the Ottoman Empire and the Netherlands. They are also comprehensive and efficient tutorials on trading business and strategy, referring to the organization techniques and customs of international trade.

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