Symposia, conferenties en workshops


Oikos, Taphos, Temenos. Iconography in Greek context – 26-27 februari 2016. Conferentie georganiseerd i.s.m. de Belgische Archeologische School en de Universiteit van Thessalie.

Exhibiting Dress: Engaging with the past and the present – 28 mei 2016. Conferentie georganiseerd i.s.m. de Hellenic Costume Society.

History Unwanted: Testimonies, silence and public memory – 30 september-1 oktober 2016. Nederlands-Griekse academische workshop.

Strategies of Remembrance in Greece under Rome – 19-21 oktober 2016. Early Career Scholar conferentie, georganiseerd i.s.m. de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en de Goethe Universiteit Frankfurt

Herodotus in Modern Europe – 10-12 november 2016. Zesde sessie in het kader van de Colloquiumserie “The Role of Classics in the formation of European and National identities”.

Mortuary variability and social diversity in ancient Greece – 1-2 december 2016. Early Career Scholar conferentie georganiseerd door T. Dijkstra (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) en N. Dimakis (Universiteit van Athene).

Jewish life after the return: Dutch and Greek experiences after the Holocaust – 10-11 december 2016. Nederlands-Griekse academische workshop.

Μετακινήσεις πληθυσμών στη Θεσσαλία κατά την Πρώιμη Εποχή του Σιδήρου (Population movements in Thessaly during the Early Iron age) – 16 december 2016. Workshop georganiseerd door Eleni Papagiotopoulou (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen).


Migration in the margins of Europe. Methodological & epistemological themes – 24 januari 2015. Ronde tafel discussie in het kader van de cursus “Migration in the Margins of Europe“. 

Introducing the Routledge Handbook of White Collar and Corporate Crime in Europe – 14 december 2015. Conferentie naar aanleiding van het verschijnen van “The Routledge Handbook of White Collar and Corporate Crime in Europe”.


Ethnographies of Settled and New Immigrants Communities in Crisis-Ridden Greece — 9 januari 2014.

Athens, Modern Capital and Historic City: New Challenges for Heritage Management. Managing Athens as a Tourism Destination 1914-2014: State Intervention, Social Practices and Contemporary Challenges — 7 april 2014.

The Dawn of Nationalists: Society and Politics in Contemporary Greece — 26 juni 2014.


New Directions in Migration Research: Research in Progress — 12 januari 2013.

Greek Contests in an Age of (Ancient) Globalization — 28 januari 2013.

Civic Honours: The politics of honour in the Greek cities of Roman Imperial times (1st-3rd c. AD)— 2 februari 2013.

AIPMA XII International Conference: Context and Meaning — 16–20 september 2013.

Logistics in a changing Europe — 4 oktober 2013.

Athens, Modern Capital and Historic City: New Challenges for Heritage Management. Redesigning the Historic Center of Athens: The Impact of Urban Regeneration Projects — 14 oktober 2013.

Athens, Modern Capital and Historic City: New Challenges for Heritage Management. Rebranding Athens: Culture, Tourism and Visitor Experience — 25 november 2013.

Athens, Modern Capital and Ηistoric City: New Challenges for Heritage ManagementThe Cultural Heritage of Athens: Contested Identities and Realities — 16 december 2013.


Homer and the Art of Storytelling — 30 maart 2012.


Dutch Ethnographic Films — 23–25 mei 2011.

Social Matter(s): Recent Approaches to Material Culture — 2 juni 2011.

Themamiddag rond de economische crisis — 7 oktober 2011.

Philoxenia, Xenophobia and Violence — 4 november 2011.

Recent Developments in the Long-Term Archaeology of Greece — 13–15 december 2011.


Early Helladic Laconia — 16 januari 2010.

Subsistence, Economy and Society in the Greek World: Improving the integration of archaeology and science — 22–24 maart 2010.

Kennismaking met het NIA — 8 oktober 2010.


Recent Archaeological Research on Kephallonia, Ithaka and Zakynthos by the 35th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and the Netherlands Institute at Athens — 30 oktober 2009.

The Role of Classics in the Formation of European and National Identities: Euripides in Modern Europe — 5–7 november 2009.

Geosciences and Archaeology. Reading the archaeological landscape — 7 december 2009.

National Dutch Archives and Greek History: Presentation of studies based on Dutch archive material and research perspectives — 14 december 2009.