In 2017 the NIA expanded it’s activities in the field of Philosophy. Concepts of Crisis were the first lecture series that were organized in cooperation with the Academy of Athens.

Session 1
Crisis in Antiquity
Monday, 25 September 2017

Moderators – Discussants:
Dr. Anna Tatsi, Research Center for Greek Philosophy
Dr. Catherine Brégianni, Greek Modern History Research Centre

Prof. Dr. Teun Tieleman, Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Medicine, Utrecht University
The Idea of Crisis in Ancient Philosophy: Plato, Aristotle and some successors
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Prof. Dr. Panagiotis Iossif, Deputy Director of the Belgian School of Archaeology at Athens
Professor of Ancient and Medieval Numismatics, Radboud University Nijmegen
Monetary Crises in Antiquity: Coinage as marker of a crisis

 Session 2
Considering Democracy
12 October 2017

Moderator – Discussant:
Nicolai Von Eggers Mariegaard, Danish Institute at Athens

Dr. Kristof Jacobs, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Radboud University of Nijmegen
For better or worse? The impact of the economic crisis on democracy

Dr. Nicholas Vrousalis, Assistant Professor in Political Philosophy, Leiden University
Does European democracy have a future?
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Session 3
Institutions in crisis and European identity
8 December 2017

Prof. Dr. Maria Protopapa-Marneli, Research Centre for Greek Philosophy of the Academy of Athens
Hellenistic Era: Affinities to the present political, economical and institutional crisis

Prof. Dr. Evert van der Zweerde, Political Philosophy, Radboud University
Populism & democracy at a European scale

Ass. Prof. Kostas Theologou, History and Philosophy of Culture, National Technical University of Athens
The European identity and the European debt crisis

Prof. Dr. Michael Wintle, European Studies, University of Amsterdam
Crisis, Recovery and European Identity in the twentieth century: the impact of regular crises on Europe’s self-image
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In 2019 a new lecture series Ethics across borders were co-organised with Spyridon Tegos, Assistant Professor at the University of Crete.

Session 1
Discourse on Bioethics
15 March 2019

Dr. Fleur Jongepier, Assistant Professor at Radboud University Nijmegen
The Ethics of self tracking

Dr. Evangelos D. Protopapadakis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Compromising a patient’s autonomy to his benefit? The case of placebo treatments

Session 2
Ethics East and West
29 March 2019

Prof. Dr. Bert van der Brink, Dean University College Roosevelt, Professor of Political Philosophy, Utrecht University
Understandings of freedom in China and the West

Dr. Georgios Steiris, Assοciate Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
The aesthetic element of ritual propriety in Confucian ethics

Aspects of the Intellectual and Social History of the Greek Revolution

In 2021 three lecture sessions were organized in cooperation with the Research Centre for Greek Philosophy of the Academy of Athens and Dr Nicholas Vrousalis from Erasmus University Rotterdam on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence. During two one lecture series we tried to highlight both external and internal aspects of the Greek Revolution and shed light on topics related to the way in which the Greek Revolution was imagined in Europe, the ways revolutions in America and France affected the movement for Greek independence, or of how the Greek Revolution should be reconsidered in relation to contemporary political theories of revolution and in the context of 21st century. During the hybrid conference that concluded the series and took place in the hall of the Academy of Athens we examined the importance of ancient Greek philosophy in the 18th century and more specifically on the prerevolutionary period. As we always try to maintain an interdisciplinary approach, Greek and Dutch scholars from different disciplines were invited for each session.

Session 1
Political agenda and national awareness in the horizon of the Late Enlightenment and the 19th c. revolutionary movements in Europe
10 May 2021

Dr. Nicholas Vrousalis, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr. George Kalpadakis, Researcher at the Research Centre for the Study of Modern Greek History of the Academy of Athens
Enlightenment visions of the post-Ottoman Balkans: Rhigas and Kapodistrias

Prof. Dr. Annelien de Dijn, Utrecht University
Key aspects of French political thought as a link between the Greek war of Independence and the French Revolution

Dr. Yanna Tzourmana, Hellenic Open University
Constitutionalism and Reform Politics in the Age of Revolutions

Session 2
The concept and the reality of revolution in the 21st century. Philosophical, political and anthropological challenges
14 June 2021

Dr. George Kalpadakis, Modern Greek History Research Center of the Academy of Athens (KEINE)

Dr. Nicholas Vrousalis, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Was the Greek Revolution of 1821 “Bourgeois”?

Dr. Judith Vega, University of Groningen
The fragmented revolution? Struggles against domination and the defense of the lifeworld 

Dr. Anna Machera, University of Ioannina
Celebrating revolutions, adjusting definitions