Andere NWIB´s


De Nederlandse Wetenschappelijke Instituten in het Buitenland (NWIB’s) zijn vooruitgeschoven wetenschappelijke posten van de Nederlandse universiteiten. Deze instituten zijn met name gesitueerd rond het Middellandse Zeegebied: naast het NIA in Athene, zijn er NWIBs in Cairo (NVIC), Florence (NIKI) en Rome (KNIR).
Daarnaast is er ook een instituut in Sint-Petersburg (NIP).

De instituten zijn gericht op het ondersteunen en zelf realiseren van wetenschappelijk onderwijs en onderzoek, en leveren eveneens een wezenlijke bijdrage aan de profilering van het Nederlandse hoger onderwijs in het buitenland.

De instituten worden gezamenlijk beheerd door de Universiteit van Amsterdam, de Universiteit Utrecht, de Universiteit Leiden, de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam en de Radboud Universiteit.

In deze sectie van onze website besteden we aandacht aan nieuws en activiteiten van onze zusterinstellingen.


NVIC Cairo

6 November – 15 December 2023 Introductory Course Egyptology (for people living in Egypt)

Do you live in Egypt and have you always wondered about all the pharaonic heritage surrounding you? Look no further: this fall NVIC organizes a beginner’s level, introductory course in Egyptology. In 6 richly illustrated lessons, the history of ancient Egypt will be brought to life, both chronologically as well as thematically. The development of ancient Egyptian art and architecture will be traced, but attention will also be paid to topics like the origin of writing, daily life, and funerary rituals. Moreover, some of the most recent discoveries in the field will be discussed. Apart from classroom instruction, an excursion to the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square as well as an excursion to Saqqara will bring theory into practice.

Practical information: 6 November–15 December 2023, 6 classes of 2 hours, Monday 18.00-20.00h

  • Monday 6 November: The Predynastic and Early Dynastic Period
  • Monday 13 November: The Old Kingdom
  • Monday 20 November: The Middle Kingdom
  • Monday 27 November: The New Kingdom (1)
  • Monday 4 December: The New Kingdom (2)
  • Monday 11 December: The Late Period and Graeco-Roman Period


  • Friday 1 December: Morning excursion to the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir
  • Friday 15 December: Full day excursion to Saqqara (Djoser complex, Teti pyramid complex, mastaba of Mereruka, New Kingdom tombs)

*Dates may be subject to change


A minimum of 5 (and a maximum of 15) participants is required for this course.

     5-9 participants : € 280 p.p.

     10-15 participants : € 240 p.p.

Prices include course materials and excursions (transportation to Saqqara + entrance tickets Saqqara and Egyptian Museum)

To register: please fill in the registration form before 22 October 2023. Registration is only final when payment is received. For more info, please email 


Dr. Marleen De Meyer (
Assistant Director for Egyptology/Archaeology at NVIC
Co-director of the Dayr al-Barsha Archaeological Project


NIKI Florence

5 October 2023

The Director of the Netherlands Interuniversity Institute for Art History (NIKI), Michael W. Kwakkelstein, has the pleasure to invite you to the lecture by Johannes Gebhardt (Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Art History, University of Leipzig), entitled “Christ’s Petrified Blood – Heliotrope Cameos in Early Modern Europe and Beyond”.

Despite the excellent research into the symbolism and materiality of stones in theological and art-theoretical discourses on medieval and early modern lapidaries, no comprehensive study is dedicated to the heliotrope, or bloodstone: A green jasper speckled with red spots resembling blood, the material properties of this species of stone perfectly align with the artistic search for ways to represent and substantiate the salvific message of the Incarnation and Passion. Thus, bloodstone was favored to produce artworks depicting violent scenes of Christian iconography. The lecture explores the functions, iconography, and symbolic meanings of heliotrope in light of current discourses on the materiality of stones in early modern Europe – and beyond.

The conference is open to the public free of charge. Pre-registration is required to guarantee seating: Please click here to register for online attendance.

The NIKI is located in Florence, Viale Evangelista Torricelli 5.






NIP St. Petersburg