Now available: Pharos XXIV (2018-2020). Current and all previous volumes (as of 2010) freely available through Open-Access!

A couple of weeks ago, the latest issue of our Pharos magazine arrived at the NIA.
In Volume XXIV (2018-2020) of our Journal of the Netherlands Institute at Athens, extensive attention is paid to the following topics:

Crusaders and Byzantines in Central Greece. The archaeology and topography of a Late Medieval frontier (Dionyisios Kalantzis-Papadopoulos)

The Mycenaean ceramic roofing technology at Dimini (Greece) (Kyle A. Jazwa)

Mountains of Memory. Triangulating landscape, cult and regional identity through Zeus (Adam Wiznura & Christina G. Williamson)

Halos. Preliminary report of the 2015 field survey and the 2016 trial trenches at Magoula Plataniotiki (Vladimir Stissi, Elon Heymans, Jitte Waagen et. al.)

The 2012-2015 Ghent-Utrecht Survey Project at Thorikos. Preliminary observations on the post-Classical occupation (Floris van den Eijnde, Roald F. Docter, Amber Brüsewitz et. al.)

Thanks to the new, revised collaboration agreement that we have recently signed with publisher Peeters  in Leuven, from this issue and onward all articles from Pharos will be immediately available online and free of charge. Also, all previous volumes (as of number 17/1 (2010) and more recent) are now available online and downloadable. This is an important step in the policy of the NIA, which aims to provide open access  to as much publicly funded scientific research as possible.
You can view and download all Pharos issues and articles (after 2010) via this link.