Film Screening “1.000 Square Meters of Time”, VU University, 22 November 2023

Research Institute CLUE+ & The Netherlands Institute at Athens cordially invite you to a special screening of  the documentary “1.000 Square Meters of Time” by award-winning Greek film maker Maro Anastopoulou that will take place at VU University on 22 November (16.00-18.00).

The documentary follows archaeologists of the Geraki Project in their investigations of an ancient acropolis in Southern Greece,  research conducted under the auspices of the NIA since 1995. The film pictures the interactions between foreign academics and modern villagers through an anthropological, sometimes philosophical and poetic lens.

Pertinent questions arise about the practicing of ‘community archaeology’ and ‘ownership’ of the past.
Who writes ‘the script’?
Who are the observers and who the observed?

The screening of the documentary will be followed by a Q&A with the film maker and members of the Geraki Project.

Admission is free of charge, but a reservation is required. Please contact M.S. Moolenburgh by email  for reservations and more information about the
exact location.
Our target audience includes students and staff of archaeology, (visual) anthropology, ancient studies and media & art; please state your affiliation when mailing to reserve a seat.

Click here for more info about the film.

From the very beginning, NIA supported the documentary that took three years to complete. The documentary was produced by Inkas Films and was supported by major Greek factors like the Greek Film Centre and ERT as well as other companies like Pangaia Pictures, Arctos Films SA and 2/35. The premiere took place during the 22th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and it continues its journey to festivals and cinemas around the world.