Course: Modern Greek at the NIA (Levels I and III)

Doing archeological fieldwork, studying, travelling, doing an internship – in short, staying in Greece is more engaging when you are able to communicate in… Greek! Together with the Nederlands Instituut Athene and UvA’s Modern Greek department, Taalhuis Amsterdam has developed intensive Greek courses in Athens. The courses are geared to students and PhD’s. In this 10 day course there are 4 to 4,5 hours of lessons each day (plus self study). Next to language lessons we explore the city and organise various extra activities to bring your Greek into practice, such as cooking, shopping, concerts, theatre.
If the measures against the current COVIDcrisis allow it, this course will be hosted at the NIA, otherwise the course will be online! Luckily, our Taalhuis-partners have gained a lot of experience in providing online-courses.

The next course Modern Greek intensive will take place from 20-28 November 2021 and will be conducted on two levels: I and III (and with enough interest there will be conversation and exam preparation classes for level IV)

Nieuwgrieks 1 (Επικοινωνήστε ελληνικά 1 κεφ. 1 – 12 )

Nieuwgrieks 3 (Επικοινωνήστε ελληνικά 2 κεφ. 1 – 12 )

Registration still possible! (Students: €150,- / Others: €220,-)

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For more information about the lessons or for questions about your level: info@taalhuisamsterdam.


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