Deadline extended! Course: “Audio Visual Methods in Collaborative Archaeology: Exploring the Politics of Heritage”

Deadline extended to Friday 16 February!!

Please be aware that that our course has been granted four full scholarships by ARCHON research center for outstanding students who are not able to attend due to their financial circumstances. 


For students in archaeology and heritage studies, BA (last year), Master, Research Masters, & PhD


Audio-visual applications are nowadays broadly used in heritage and museum studies, fostering communication between researchers and visitors as well as the promotion of heritage sites and museum collections. Furthermore, as digital media has become increasingly affordable and accessible, visual representation is expanding across several dimensions in archaeology, becoming a prominent tool of analysis and collaboration within the discipline. By discussing the available methodological tools and critically reflecting on their application, this intensive course focuses on how such tools can be incorporated ethically into collaborative archaeological research. For this, the program includes a basic introductory course on audio-visual methods in one of the most challenging urban landscapes of Europe, where archaeology and the politics of heritage management intersect in unique ways. During this course, participants will collaboratively produce short multimedia works, such as clip-films or essay films, featuring alternative archaeological narratives about the many relationships between the people, archaeological materiality, and discourse.

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Deadline for application: 16 February 2024