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Turkey in Transition


The failed coup d'état in Turkey can be analyzed in many ways, especially in relation to continuities and discontinuities in Turkey's 21st century politics, society and economy. Some scholars argue that the aftermath of the July coup revealed even further the authoritarian character of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his party, the AKP, and opened the way to enhance his own powers more. Other scholars argue that Erdoğan's policies signal the rebirth of the Turkish nation, or Yeni Turkiye (New Turkey) as it is often referred to.
With a two day conference (6-7 June 2017) we attempt to address the above issue and explore the extent to which the coup d'état constitutes a turning point in modern Turkey, or is used to reproduce older paradigms. 


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Deadline for abstracts has been extended to March 1 2017!


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