Nieuw Grieks op het NIA: Niveau II en III (25 juni – 4 juli)

Doing archaeological fieldwork, studying, travelling, doing an internship – in short, staying in Greece is more fun when you are able to communicate in… Greek! From June 25 to July 4 an intensive 10 days course of Modern Greek will take place in Athens.

Modern Greek II starts at level A1. It expands your vocabulary and gives a better understanding of grammar and allows you to understand and conduct conversations on more complex topics from daily life. The course leads to level A2. The follow-up course Modern Greek III leads to level B1. During this course we discuss most of the Greek grammar and expand vocabulary and conversation skills as students become independent users of the Greek language.

If you are not sure what your level is or you are interested in Greek V, please contact Taalhuis Amsterdam for more information. If possible, we will try to accommodate you.
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